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Testimonials: Insights from Pro's

We're lucky to work with professionals who are keen to develop their game. They rely on us as a trusted resource, seeking guidance to push themselves further in their careers. The best players understand that sometimes they need to look beyond the coaches provided in their setup to help their game. They seek help from others who they believe can genuinely help them improve. Check out what some say about us:

Ethan Bamber.
Middlesex CCC

It is a rare but exciting experience when, as a player, you feel

that a coach is as invested in a session and in your

progression and development as you are. I felt this sentiment

keenly while working with Joe. There was a truly exceptional

balance between support and challenge which made the

sessions genuinely enjoyable, not in a superficial,

lighthearted manner, but enjoyable because it felt as though

we were both striving to problem-solve and improve.

I sensed that Joe genuinely believed in my ability to improve

and had confidence that he could assist me in doing so, and I

cherished that feeling. I feel very fortunate to have had the

sessions I did.

Even within our limited time, Joe made a concerted effort to

understand me as a player and how I think,

something which significantly enhances any

player-coach relationship.

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Martin Anderrson
Middlesex CCC

Joe is a fantastic coach who seamlessly integrates his

extensive experience as a former professional player with the

wealth of knowledge he has amassed as a coach.

Throughout our sessions, he attentively listened to my

objectives and requirements. The sessions were both

demanding and enjoyable, as Joe infused his distinctive

expertise to enhance my growth as a player.

Even within a brief timeframe, Joe has significantly elevated

my game, providing clear guidance on areas to refine and

develop. Regardless of a batter's level of experience, Joe offers invaluable insights and lessons to be learned.

Connor Mcinerney
South Australia  

Over the past 9 months, Joe has coached me both technically and mentally, leading to significant improvements in my batting. From our initial session, he identified areas for

refinement, suggesting adjustments to optimise my

performance. This involved breaking down aspects of my

technique and acquiring new skills through a return to

fundamentals. Regular off-season sessions, coupled with continuous feedback during and after practice helped solidify these skills against both pace and spin bowling, preparing me for competitive scenarios. Even during the season, semi-regular sessions have been instrumental in maintaining these fundamentals while also providing a platform for addressing specific concerns, such as strategies against particular teams and bowlers. I couldn't recommend Joe highly enough as a coach. His expertise and personalised approach has undoubtedly enhanced my game, and I would encourage anyone seeking improvement to enlist his services.

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Kyle Brazell
South Australia

Joe’s coaching philosophy is one that is very personalised to you individually. He uses his extensive knowledge and cricketing experience to help create an environment for players to develop on a 1:1 or group basis. I, personally,

have loved my interaction with Joe and am grateful for his attention to detail when it comes to my technique and tactical game.

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Gus Miller.
Northampton CCC

Working with Joe over the last 3 months during my time in

Adelaide has been really beneficial. Not only did we focus on a few technical aspects of my game, but the most beneficial

thing I gained was a mindset towards my batting and

approaching innings. Learning how to enforce my strengths onto bowlers consistently was the standout takeaway for me. Joe's knowledge from years of playing was great to chat through, and accepting that failure is part and parcel of batting, along with the mentality that each game brings you closer to winning for your team.

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